Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Urban Gateway Energy ?

Urban Gateway Energy acquires rights to de-risked and disruptive urban technologies from SMEs worldwide and commercializes them in Asia pacific through our climate-action driven operating companies which are EnerCool, EnerCloud & EnerWaste. Founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and Fortune 100 executives that have spent the past three decades in Greater China focused on developing and implementing energy and urban sustainability solutions. We are committed to meaningfully contribute to our planet’s sustainable future by reimagining the urban environment, and have a unique, viable and scalable business model in place to deliver.

2. What is EnerCool ?

EnerCool provides innovation technology on Energy Intensity Reduction which focus on commercial and industrial cooling sector. (For detail, please refer

3. What is Enercoat® ?

Enercoat® is a Proprietary Formulation with highest thermal conductivity and strongest material which provides superior heat transfer and superior corrosion protection simultaneously. We leveraged graphene nanomaterial technology to create a one-of-a-kind coating that delivers real performance change. Multiwall nanotubes of carbon (CNT) and graphene have a very high thermal conductivity. Their twin properties of high thermal conductivity along the axial direction and poor thermal conductivity in the radial direction provide an excellent heat conduction channel that can confine heat currents on the nano scale. Incorporating these at high doses into a polymer produces a stable corrosion protective conductive layer. Application to the metal surfaces of tubes and fins in a heat exchanger ensures the retention of a condenser’s heat exchange capacity.

4. Why corrosion affect HVAC ?

Air-cooled heat exchangers are the heart of chiller systems. Weather, environmental conditions, dirt and debris are constantly damaging outdoor cooling equipment. Outdoor conditions cannot be managed, but maintenance can be. The U.S. Department of Defense studies[1] have shown that within the first thirty (30) days, an outdoor uncoated coil can begin to lose operational efficiency due to corrosion and that anti-corrosive coatings can double the useful life of air-cooled condensing equipment. Untreated coils begin to corrode from the first day they are exposed to the elements. There is an estimated 3 – 5% loss in efficiency per year due to corrosion.
[1] Reference: 1 Beitelman, Alfred D, and Susan A Drozdz. “Demonstration of Corrosion-Resistant Coatings for Air-Conditioning Coils and Fins.” DoD Corrosion Prevention and Control Program, June 2015

5. Does Enercoat® reduce operational costs? Which ones?

In addition to reducing energy costs, customers will notice less frequent compressor failure and refrigerant leaks. Maintenance costs are reduced as coated coils prevent gradual degradation resulting from regular cleanings with water.

6. Does equipment size matter? How much will the treatment increase the lifespan of my air conditioning unit?

ROI of treatment of a single unit typically becomes attractive at 50 tons, depending on the condition of the equipment. Most systems fail as a result of condenser coil inefficiency which strains and spoils the entire refrigeration system. The Enercoat® Treatment Service essentially eliminates the root-cause of equipment failure: condenser corrosion. The treatment remains the most significant maintenance step for improving all aspects of HVAC performance. The cost of the Enercoat® Treatment Service applied to units is typically one-tenth the cost of new equipment. The sooner the treatment, the longer lasting the equipment.

7. What is EnerCloud ?

EnerCloud leads the Electric Market Reform which focus on virtual power with highest disruptive potential. (For detail, please refer

8. Why EnerCloud® ECLPLG001 can help for energy saving?

Most of the residences have AC units in China which are the ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS (RAC) with mini-split or self-contained window AC units. ECLPLG001 can help to accelerate Electrification by managing the decision making of when to use AC units to minimize GHG footprint and optimize savings.

9. Does EnerCloud® ECLPLG001 affect the user’s comfort?

ECLPLG001 will do the job to choose temperature and remotely manage, set schedules and/or let the system do the work. Utilities and/or building managers can centrally control the unit to perform remote control, monitoring and automation specifically designed for demand response. It helps the building to save energy without affect the user’s comfort.

10. Does EnerCloud® ECLPLG001 collect user’s personal data? Any privacy issues concerned?

ECLPLG001 does not collect user’s personal data as it is not required to use local WiFi or access to local network for the connection. No real-name registration is required which is more secure for the users. EnerCloud® obeys China data privacy and control compliant.

11. Any safety issue while using EnerCloud® ECLPLG001?

ECLPLG001 is a smart IoT device which helps utilities and/or building managers to achieve demand response management and building energy management. It is safe and easy to use without change the user experience. For the installation detail, please refer to the installation menu.

12. What is EnerWaste ?

EnerWaste considers the Alternative Energy which focus on transforming waste to highest value-added products — hydrogen & biofuels. (For detail, please refer

13. How does EnerWaste transform waste to value products ?

The gasification and plasma refining technologies has the only known insurable, commercially proven and completely integrated technology that can produce a tar free clean syngas using waste or biomass for production of Hydrogen or Biofuels